Marvel Legends Series II (Series 2) Prince Namor the Sub-mariner Super Poseable Action Figure with Comic and Base - Namor the Sub-Mariner - monarch of the mighty, sunken empire Atlantis - strives to balance his fiery temper with his responsibilities of state. Ruling from his undersea throne, Namor's foremost concern is the welfare of his subjects. But on occasion, he rises from the depths to defend all humanity! Namor is an amphibian, and so breathes water and air with equal facility. He can lift about 85 tons at peak capacity, although his strength degrades the longer he remains on land. Namor is able to fly for several hours at speeds of up to 60 mph before tiring, and he possesses limited invulnerability. Features 28 points of articulation and includes 32 page comic book!


SKU: AF2988
  • Super Poseable with 28 Points of Articulation Include Bonus of 32 page Comic Book and Collector Wall Mountable Display Stand Age : 4 +
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