The Uncanny X-Men Ice Man Action Figure 4.75 Inches - by Ty Biz. Iceman has the mutant ability to turn himself into a being of living ice. Once he does that , he can create almost anything he wants: ice slides, ice weapons, ice shields, not to mention icicles and snowballs. And when he really concentrates, he can create a blinding snowstorm even in the middle of July! But most important of all, the X-Men know that no matter how hot the battle, Iceman always keeps his cool.


SKU: AF2987
  • Includes: Ice Man poseable action figure, slide, and trading card. Ice Man changes color in the freezer. Freeze him and he will be covered in icicles. Iceman will return to normal in room temperature. Produced in 1992. No longer produced. Suggested for ages 5 and up.
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