Marvel Legends Series 2 Action Figure Dr. Doom - Scale: 6 Inch Format: This super posable Dr. Doom figure features 27 points of articulation and a 32-page comic book! Each Series II figure includes a character-specific collector wall mountable display stand. Toy Biz A flawless strategist, a consummate manipulator, and a genius in everything at which he tries his hand Doctor Doom is one of Earth's most dangerous Super Villains. Were this genius turned to the benefit of humanity, Earth might well be a paradise, but Doctor Doom concerns himself with nothing other than his own quest for absolute power over mankind. Born destitute in the mountains of Eastern Europe and hunted throughout his young life because he was an outsider, Doom rose up to become one of the wealthiest, most powerful men on Earth. All those who opposed him, every force both natural and mystical that had ever hounded him, fell before him in his rise to power. Indeed, the only people to ever successfully challenge him for long are the members of the Fantastic Four.

DR DOOM - Marvel Legends Series 2

SKU: AF2962
  • Product Features From the Marvel Legends line Series includes a character-specific collector wall mountable display stand Features 27 points of articulation Includes 32-page comic book! Box Contents Dr. Doom figure Mask Wall mount Comic book
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