Delta Commander Clayton "Claymore" Maure Action Figure - Whilce Portacio's Wetworks Ultra-action Figures - Wetworks covert operations team was sent on a mission to infiltrate a terrorist enclave on the Raanes Peninsula (Eastern Europe) and extract a biological agent the terrorists had in their possession. Once the team reached the target, they found out that someone had raided the enclave before them. While investigating, the team found several big transparent tubes containing some kind of golden fluid. At that moment, the explosives they were carrying were activated by remote control, displaying a ten-minute countdown. That was when the team knew they were double crossed. A hidden sniper shot at one of the tubes when team member Clayton "Claymore" Maure was examining it. The tube broke and the golden fluid jumped on Claymore as if it were alive, covering his whole body. If that was not enough, they were attacked by some terrorists. The terrorists started shooting, but the bullets bounced off Claymore's gold-covered body. Time was ticking and Col. Dane decided the team should open the remaining tubes to use the golden symbiotes as protection against the detonation of the explosives.


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  • Clayton "Claymore" Maure, Delta Commander Action Figure Launches Tactical Missile. Accessories includes covert operations headgear, missile firing pistol and high-tech machine gun. Scale - 7inches
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