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Marvel Retro X-Men Collection (Hasbro)

Hasbro goes really old-school awesome with their latest fully detailed retro wave of Marvel Legends - New at Jollys Toy Shop!

In 1991, Toy Biz released the first in a multiple, wave of action figures based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men. This collection of 3 1/3″ figures included Apocolypse, Archangel, Colossus, Cyclops, Juggernaut, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine. Toy Biz would go on to release wave after wave of figures from the X-Men universe, with many of a deep cut. They were very basic. Packaged on a cardback with a bubble window. 

Well now to honor this, Hasbro has released a retro wave of figures in the Marvel Legends fashion of the X-Men. These are an amazing wave of figures. I love the fact the way Hasbro has them similar to those Toy Biz figures. And such a great assortment!


Cyclops is in his second X-Factor costume. It’s pretty cool looking. I love that his visor has energy “pulsating” out of it. Cyclops comes with a second head that looks like he’s screaming. The figure also comes with an optic blast, which fits nice and snug into the visor on the second head. It really gives it a cool effect.


Storm is dressed in her Jim Lee designed Gold Team costume. In the comics, this costume was black, but it was the 90’s cartoon that changed it white. The animators probably changed it because black wouldn’t pop, but it doesn’t matter, that 90s cartoon was God awful anyhow. But I digress. Hasbro did an amazing job capturing Lee’s art in this sculpt. I love the cape that’s on her arms. Storm also comes with 2 lightning effects.


For this Iceman, Hasbro again turned to the X-Force designs. Iceman is kind of a marbleized figure. It really looks nice. Hasbro did put a little paint around his eyes so you could see them and the belt just really pops on him. What I really love about this figure is his ice slide. Not only is this a nice effect, but it’s also a great throwback to the one that came with the Toy Biz figure. Plus we great that classic Iceman we all wanted!


The costume that Dazzler is wearing actually appeared in the comics first, without the jacket. It was in the first animated X-Men pilot, that we saw Dazzler in this complete look. I love this sculpt. It is so 80s it’s hilarious! Dazzler also comes with 2 energy pulses that fit on her nicely!


My favorite of the bunch! I always loved this character and Hasbro really did him justice. There are little details like rope that connects his armor together. The head sculpt is really nice too. Just an amazing job. Silver Samurai also comes with a katana and a wakizashi (short sword). They fit into either hand without any issue. There are also 2 loops on his belt where he can store his swords.


This sculpt is based on Wolverine’s costume in his solo book. Simple and yet looks so nice. I love the details like the hair on his arms. Wolverine also has smug across his eyes. He’d do this to disguise his appearance. Wolverine comes with 2 sets of hands: one gripping and one clawed. They remove easily enough. Wolverine also comes with Muramasa Blade which fits into either hand.

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